GE SX-10000 KTDM 10.5kVA Kubota Generator

$10,992.00 $10,077.00 Inc GST

* Stand-By single-phase power (LTP)  10.5 kVA (9.5 kW) / 230V / 45.6A
* PRP single-phase power    9 kVA (8.1 kW) / 230V / 39.1A
Frequency                                      50 Hz
Cos                                                0.9
* Output powers according to ISO 8528-1



  • MOSA – Italian manufactured diesel generator
  • Bunded base suitable to contain any liquid leakage from engine avoiding environmental pollution
  • The rounded edges of the canopy designed for rainwater drainage.
  • Large doors for better and easy maintenance (air, oil, fuel filters replacement)
  • Central lifting eye
  • Low oil pressure automatic engine shut down and hight water temperature
  • Circuit breaker and ELCB-GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter
  • Silenced enclosure – 68dB @ 7 mts
  • Control panel with automatic digital control unit (AMF) on request
  • Meets EC directives for noise and safety


Additional information

Weight 305 kg
Dimensions 1360 x 683 x 964 cm


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