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Generator Hire options

100KVA generator on trailer

At Hanlec we have generators for hire on trailers.

We have trailer options upto 135KVA (3T) capacity and electric brakes. Our 100KVA (2.5T) have electric brakes with a remote control so there is no need for the towing vehicle to have an electric controller fitted.

The lighter weight is achieved by reducing the fuel tank capacity and in the case of the 100KVA to approx 10HRs at 75% which is enough for most emergency situations requiring the quick delivery of the generator set to site.

We have other options with a 24hr tank capacity which will need to be delivered to site by truck and the means to unload at the site.

The trailered generator is suited to the electrical contractor who needs to do a one day job whilst working on an installation. This setup allows them to control the supply and delivery process without delays from transport companies.

Check out the full range of our rental generator sets by clicking here


100KVA generator on trailer
Trailered generator 100KVA
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